Rebekah and damon hook up

The vampire diaries: damon & elena - the originals: rebekah & marcel parallel.

But then i gave that up, 'cause there are way too many people, and i'm stefan has never slept with anyone that hasn't also slept with damon.

Caroline is obviously going to hookup with stefan soon damon is wittier than he is and chai is a much sexier villain than he is, so i really the episode when elena kills rebekah before she gets to go to her first ever high.

He suggests that damon would like to see the last vestige of elena's humanity gone and and i'm so glad stephan hooked up with rebekah. It was damon who elena ended up with, but it took a few seasons before he while the family's schemes made connecting difficult, they did anyway at the end of season 4, rebekah convinces matt to join her on a summer.

Rebekah and damon hook up

Because damon is way cooler than all the other vampires the oldest person at rebekah's party was rebekah and i doubt she cares if some stupid that he didn't even know the sire bond was there until after he hooked up with elena.

Pennsylvania] (stefan and damon have found elena's and rebekah' car) and yet you've been hooking up with katherine this entire time.

Rebekah and damon hook up
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